Contractor @ Al-Basit Facilities Management (pvt) Ltd

Al Basit Facilities Management (pvt) Ltd is providing Facilities Management Services to small organisation, large scale organisation, private institutions, government institutions, public sector, health sector, financial sectors with the aims of highest standard of services by professional capabilities.

Facilities Management has a wide range of workspace from Cleaning to Janitorial Services, Fumigation to Pest Control, HVAC Works to Plumbing, Maintenance, Testing, and inspection of Services for Building, Complex, House, Factory or Industrial Complex. Features are required to ensure that the facility is operating safely and efficiently in compliance with statutory obligations, to maximize the life of equipment, and to reduce the risk of failure.

Al Basit Facilities Management (pvt) Ltd has good number of skilled engineers for building construction, office construction, planning, designing, structure, steel structure, capability of foundation to finished articles as a contractor.

We always provide the wide range of contract, engineering consultancy and construction solutions.